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Olé Café

5421 Meridian Ave N (Wallingford)
Seattle, WA 98103
This new tapas spot is owned by Spanish teacher Amanda Reichert and bills itself as "Seattle's first Spanish-speaking-only cafe." Guests are encouraged to order and chat with others in Spanish, and there will also be a variety of programming, including movies, conversation hours, trivia nights, games, dance, karaoke, and tastings, to get the ball rolling. Among the items you can order en español: pan con tomate (bread with tomato, ham, and Manchego cheese), tortilla española (a classic Spanish dish with eggs and potatoes), and churros con chocolate (churros with hot chocolate for dunking).
Mon-Fri 10 am-2 pm 5-9 pm, Sat closed, Sun 11 am-6 pm

Upcoming Events at Olé Café

We couldn't find any upcoming events at this location.