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Try Mystery Night In: You'll get dinner for two, an activity, and "fun, local goods" delivered to your house, for either $125 or $150.
(Central Business District)
Seattle, WA
Mystery is not an app that finds you a date. It's for people who already have a date and want to know what the hell to do together. Co-founders Vince Coppola and Shane Kovalsky had noticed that everyone around them had sort of given up. Not in general, but with leisure time. The same old story of being tired and opting for Netflix instead of going out into the city and trying something. The app polls you on whether you like classes or physical experiences, if you're into loud settings, and what kind of food you like. It takes the stress away from looking at a Yelp page with a thousand different high-rated options that aren't necessarily the right fit for you. Part of what's great about Mystery is that it's hands-off. It's entirely card-less. Everything is arranged and paid for. You have to pay, too—but in the moment, it feels like a magical experience. NATHALIE GRAHAM

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