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Taylor Swift: City of Lover

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This is an online event · Online
Some of you might have been hating indiscriminately against Ms. Swift for one reason or another. And then maybe the revelation that Kim & Kanye had lied about her all that time (the audacity!) had you going "Okay, you know what? Maybe I was unfair to Ms. Swift. Maybe I should give her another shot." Good news: Hulu and Disney+ are now streaming the City of Lover concert, shot in Paris, in 2019, where Ms. Swift delivers a pretty intimate and mostly acoustic performance of songs including "Daylight," "Death by a Thousand Cuts," "Cornelia Street" and more. All the drama, the pomp and circumstance, and the production value befitting a pop megastar sometimes obscures the fact she's a singer/songwriter at her core, and this concert puts a bright light on that aspect of her artistry. If you're looking to really give her an honest shot, this show is as good an opportunity as any. BOBBY ROBERTS


Seattle, WA 98104
This is an online event

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