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Nectar Virtual Concert Series presents: Raz Simone

Fri May 22
This is an online event · Nectar
Solomon Samuel "Raz" Simone is a Seattle rapper who in another life would've probably been a preacher or a bluesman—his penchant for gold jewelry would befit either. His recorded voice creaks like an unoiled barn door, his stark lyrics, dark subject matter, and musical arrangements lend him a gravitas both worldly and consecrated. Raz's raps are unfailingly dead-serious and personal, sharply ricocheting off race, gentrification, and gun violence (just to pick a few) on the way to the hook. His forthrightness on the issues this city is going through give his words an urgency that's lacking throughout the scene.  LARRY MIZELL JR.


412 N 36th St Seattle, WA 98103
This is an online event
Venue website