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Coast to Coast Roast: The Finals

Sat May 23, 6 pm
This is an online event · Online
Helium's new livestream stand-up series is also an outlet for any tension, frustration, and acid that might have built up over the course of your self-quarantine, as comics from all over the country get in front of their webcams, get the green-light from the showrunners, and proceed to roast everyone in front of them alive. Nobody got to have a March Madness this year, so instead, why not enjoy the Coast to Coast Roast, and see which comic is the ultimate conqueror in a nationwide roast battle. In fact: tonight is THE FINALS. Meaning only the most poisonous tongue and evil mind will reign supreme, but chances are good some fallen foes on this road to ruin will rise back up to spit venom and flame from beyond the grave. That got portentious super-fast, didn't it? Anyway, it's hosted by Joe List and Mark Normand. Tune in! BOBBY ROBERTS


Seattle, WA 98104
This is an online event